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What is a Health and Safety Audit?

A Health and Safety Audit is a systematic review of your organisation’s current level of management measured against your existing Health and Safety management system, the Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974, and the regulations made under this.

Why do I need an audit?

A Health and Safety Audit will give you a clear indication of how the organisation is performing in terms of the management of Health and Safety and legislative compliance.  Audits are the final part of the process in Health and Safety management and are an essential tool in establishing where the organisation may be falling short.  Our audits can also be used for satisfying insurers, quality

assurance, board level reports, accreditations and action planning. 

How can ISHA Ltd Help?

Working with ISHA Ltd you can rest assured that the audit we will carry out will identify any improvements that may be necessary in order to prevent workplace accidents, while identifying how to gain compliance with Health and Safety legislation that applies to your business.

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