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What is it?

Our Principles of Manual Handling Course is a nationally recognised, Ofqual regulated qualification accredited by Aofaq Awards.

This means that you can be rest assured that your Principles of Manual Handling Course fulfils the legal requirements and is a very good way to make sure you and your employees are trained in the principles of Manual Handling.


Who is it for?

Anyone involved in Manual Handling



3 Hours


What will I learn?

• Common manual handling injuries
• Manual handling laws
• Responsibilities of employers and employees
• Manual handling risk assessments
• Safe movement principles associated with manual handling, including the body’s:
   - Musculoskeletal system
   - Centre of gravity​
   - Lever system​
• ​Manual handling equipment:
   - Types of manual handling aids and equipment
   - Maintenance and requirements for testing
•Theory of safe manual handling principles, including:
   - Preparing for a lift
   - Solo lifting, carrying and lowering an object
   - Team manual handling

Accredited, Ofqual regulated qualification

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