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What is it?

ISHA Training offer a complete fire awareness training programme to train staff in basic fire safety. Our fire awareness training team have years of professional experience. Our aim is to increase your understanding of Fire awareness training and ensure that your company doesn’t get into trouble with the law or even worse, get injured.

Fire awareness training is based on government guidance, British Standards and Fire Service best practice. We will adapt your in house Fire awareness training to the environment you work in.

We can help responsible persons fulfil many of their statutory duties under the Fire Safety Order 2005. We provide fire awareness training services in London and across the UK.


Who is it for?

All employers have a responsibility by law to provide adequate Fire Awareness training to staff members.

This course is designed to give all employees a basic understanding of fire safety.



You will receive a 3 hour certificate on completion.


What will I learn?

  • Employee responsibilities and the law

  • Common causes of fire 

  • Fire prevention 

  • How to raise the alarm

  • Actions on hearing the alarm 

  • Emergency Evacuation Plan

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