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What is it?

This Level 1 Health and Safety in the Workplace course aims to educate anyone at any level of any business about health and safety practices. It enables them to comply with their employer's health and safety arrangements and do all they can to ensure everyone in the workplace remains healthy and free of harm.


Who is for?

All staff



3 Hours


What do I learn?

  • Introduction to Health and Safety –what is health and safety at work?, what is a hazard?, what is risk?, what commonly causes accidents?, what are common types of ill-health?, what factors influence health and safety?, health and safety law, what are employers' responsibilities?, what are employees' responsibilities?, and why is health and safety important?

  • Workplace Hazards and Risks: Part 1 –slips, trips, and falls, working at height, manual handling, and hazardous substances.

  • Workplace Hazards and Risks: Part 2 – machinery and vehicles, electricity, fire, and stress.

  • Workplace Conditions – good housekeeping, the benefits of good housekeeping, welfare facilities, and safety signs.

  • Workplace Procedures – the importance of reporting, first aid arrangements, first aid kit, personal protective equipment, and personal hygiene.

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